Mothercare All We Know Baby Body Wash - 300 ml

Mothercare's all we know baby body wash combines all of Mothercare's specialist know-how and bottles it! The body wash contains natural extracts including olive oil and is dermatologically tested.
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৳ 650.00

Features and benefits:

✔dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic so it's safe for you, even with sensitive skin

✔tested by an independent panel of midwives to meet mothercare's high standards

✔contains natural extracts such as olive oil, known as a natural moisturiser, and soothing chamomile

✔suitable from birth


Want to know more?

The all we know baby body wash is mothercare's ultimate baby bath time essential, with a specifically-designed formula that combines naturally moisturising olive oil with the soothing qualities of chamomile.


Directly imported from UK.